The Obama Administration has deported over 2,000,000 people and is likely, by the time he leaves office to exceed the record of all 19 presidents who governed the United States from 1892-2000. This is according to government records,and the Pew research center.

But you have a choice, YOU have a choice. There are limited funds for enforcement. It costs an average of $14,000.00 to deport someone. that is money that comes, not from the Administration, but from CONGRESS. You want MORE people deported, don’t bitch the President. Bitch to Congress.

Anyway, your choice is this; Do we focus enforcement on the undocumented immigrant who is simply here to better their lives, and do no ACTUAL harm to others, someone who likely is working two, even three jobs for menial wages and pays INTO the public coffers, but gets nothing out of it.

OR do we focus on those who are here doing REAL harm-like Edin Palacios-Rodas, who in a drunken police chase in Houston recently – slammed into and killed Jocelynn Valero, an innocent. Or the scumbag drug dealer who is running underage prostitutes?

Pick ONE because that’s what we have money for.

The illegals making tortillas in La Tortilleria for minimum wage an no benefits, or the human trafficker selling people to sweatshops in NYC, or Florida, or anytown, USA.

PICK ONE, because that’s what we have money (and resources) for.

MONEY and RESOURCES are the reality… they are LIMITED. So you can choose… do we deport people who are doing no harm beyond violating laws that largely unjust to begin with (and don’t kid yourself, every single immigration law this country has passed since the Chinese Exclusion Act is based on LIES and RACISM), or those who come here with the intent to do REAL, MEASURABLE Harm.

Because you can PICK ONE or the other. If you arrest ONE and deport them, you get the keep the other one.

It’s called DISCRETION.

Legislatures, the president, and the governors of the various states, trial and appellate judges, and administrative agencies are among the public officers and offices charged with making discretionary decisions in the discharge of public duties.

The cop who doesn’t give you a ticket is exercising it. The DA who decides to not press charges is exercising it. And the PRESIDENT, who in deciding to FOCUS law enforcement activities on those who cause REAL HARM, and taking that focus away – for a LIMITED TIME – from those who are merely in violation of immigration laws – is also exercising that Discretion, which has LONG been a part of his powers as vested in the president by Article II of the U.S. Constitution.

If Congress is silent on a particular issue—that is, if Congress has not passed a specific statute or resolution concerning that issue—then the president has broad discretion to act. And in this case, CONGRESS was silent. The PROPER action of Congress is NOT to sue, but to PASS A LAW. If they cannot pass a law, then they have no foundation to stand on.

SO – you have a choice. You can deport those that do no viable harm. OR you can deport those with EVIL INTENT. We have the money to do ONE but not the other.