Write Drunk, Edit Sober – Misattributed to Ernest Hemingway.

Being human means making mistakes.

I tell my students to get someone else to read their papers because you literally cannot edit your own papers.  Your brain, most brains anyway, simply won’t let you.  This is why approximately 127,000 editors work for publications of all types in the United States.

The only other option is to let your paper (or book, or article, or whatever) “cook” for a while. Walk away from it and come back in a day, or three, or a month, or a year…

One cannot always do that. Several of my most recent posts were time-critical to keep up with the flurry of events in this fiasco we are living in right now. Even with apps like Grammarly (which is great), mistakes creep in.

So if you see typos in some of my more immediate posts, and they are there, it’s because I’m human.  (Mostly. 4% Neanderthal Haplogroups! YAY! Mongo Smash!… not Mongo…what’s the German equivalent to Mongo? Oh, wow… apparently the Germans use Mongo to as an insult meaning idiot, stupid, or …. good grief guys, have you learned nothing…. a person with downs syndrome. “Schnauze, Mongo!” translates as “Shut up, Stupid!” Alright, gotta work on that, and Höhlenmensch (caveman – Hole Man??? Really, Germany?) doesn’t have the same connotation).

If you care to point them out, please do, thank you for editing my writing. It is appreciated.

However, if you intend to use my typos to refute my argument – stand-by.  Just don’t do it.

Otherwise, I’ll get around to editing eventually…today, I’m going to eat my breakfast sandwich, go work on the garage a bit (it’s still a mess), and then … probably die from heat stroke…ugh…  Ya’ll have fun.