This country has a problem.  But it’s not gun control.  It’s psycho control.  We’ve allowed our mental health system to become so anemic, that people like this can still pretty much do anything that a sane and responsible person can do. My argument is that it’s not the guns that are the issue. It’s NOT the hardware. It’s the software behind it (I.e. the human) that’s the problem and there is something or some things as yet unidentified that causes people in the U.S. to do this more than others. And the main reason it’s unidentified is that people who want simple answers just want to gut the 2nd Amendment.

Canada has, per captia, effectively the same number of firearms that the United States has.  And yet, Canada doesn’t see this sort of violence.  Why?  It has never really been addressed.  It is NOT about hi-capacity rounds, or military style firearms.  I think that if someone looked into it they would find that there are more mentally ill people, being treated as normal in this country than in just about any other industrialized nation.

These people are not criminals in the traditional sense, per se.  I don’t think the person who hijacks a car and sells it for drug money or for his gang or whatever is quite the same as the person who straps on tactical gear and assaults an elementary school (or college, or movie theater).   For one thing, the first simply has a monetary or prestige motive, the second…who knows?

Any time something like this happens, people call for the government to “do something abut gun violence.” The problem with people calling for the government to “do something about gun violence” is that they tend to always want to address that doing something towards the gun…not the violence.  But Gun Control is not the answer, no more so than drug control is or has been, or alcohol control (Prohibition) was.  That sort of action only punishes those who act responsibly, not those who are responsible for the crimes.  Additionally that reaction simply ignores the very simple fact that the ONLY PEOPLE hurt by prohibition, are the law abiding. Prohibition simply makes criminals rich and powerful.  One could directly link the power and wealth of the Italian Mafia in the United States to the initiation of Prohibition. One can directly link the power and wealth of the Cartels to the outlawing of drugs. Which band of criminals will we make rich and powerful by outlawing firearms?

This is a terrible tragedy.  One which some will never recover from. But is empowering those would do greater harm, really the solution? So this is a bit more complex than “TAKE AWAY THE GUNS!” It’s also a bit more complex than “EVERYBODY SHOULD HAVE GUNS!” It’s not a bumper sticker problem. But yes, I believe that PEOPLE kill people. Machines cannot have intent.