Far as I’m concerned, the Gold Star Families are OFF LIMITS. I don’t care what they say about a candidate, ANY candidate.

Donald Trump’s attacks on the Khans illustrates just ANOTHER reason why he is not qualified to be the Commander in Chief of the U.S. Military.
Further more, the idea that any of his so-called sacrifices match the Khan’s in any way, shape, or form is utterly asinine.

What he should have done is saluted the Khans for their sacrifice, and then STFU. But his tiny ego is incapable of that and so he has to attack a family who’s son died saving his the men in his unit. Capt. Humayun Khan was the epitome of selfless leadership in the face of great danger. TRUMP wouldn’t know what danger was.

Things to know about Capt. Khan –
1. He immigrated from UAE –
So he would be one of those people that the cowardly fascist would have banned from coming here.

2. Khan, as a high school student taught disabled children how to swim.
The bigoted fascist mocks the disabled.

3. He was described in his eulogy as courageous, honest, fully of humor and grace – even under pressure.
Unlike the know-nothing fascist on the other hand, who can hardly be called courageous or graceful, and when under pressure he surely has no humor and is incapable of being honest.

4. Capt. Khan, the leader of an infantry platoon, had a degree in psychology and acted as a counselor and advocate for veterans. A path he wanted to continue after leaving the Army.
Whereas – The anti-veteran fascist has said that disabled veterans are a detriment to the U.S.

5. Capt. Khan was posthumously awarded the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart for his actions in Iraq.
NO ONE IN TRUMPS FAMILY HAS EVER SERVED. EVER. the draft-dodging fascist once said in a 1997 interview with shock jock Howard Stern that the danger he faced from getting sexually transmitted diseases was his own “personal Vietnam.” He has also claimed that his military-themed boarding school education was essentially equivalent to having being trained in the military.

Anyone who thinks this piece of crap is deserving of the title Commander in Chief is a complete idiot. If we need to deport ANYONE, it’s scumbags like the Fascist.

I say this not just as a combat vet myself, but as the son of a veteran of the Vietnam War, who was the son of a veteran who served in WWII in Europe, who was the son and grandson of veterans of the Civil War, who, dating back to the beginning of this country were sons, grandsons, and great grandsons of people who SERVED their country.