At a rally in Raleigh, North Carolina, Fascist Donald Trump once again showed his respect for strongman tactics by admitting his admiration for the methodologies of Saddam Hussein.  Trump, while lamely acknowledging that Hussein was a “a bad guy” argued that the Iraqi dictator was efficient at killing terrorists and that since the fall of Hussein’s regime Iraq has become a “Harvard” for terrorists.

While it is certainly true that Iraq has become one of the spawning grounds for terrorists, one has to ask oneself why, and how much of the responsibility lay with those who supported the invasion and ouster of Hussein.  Of course, what Trump doesn’t want you to remember is that he himself supported the invasion that led to the ouster of the most recent Republican Frankenstein, but of course, now that he’s pulling this particular scam, he now claims that the U.S. “shouldn’t have destabilized” Iraq.

Trump noted with approval that Hussein never “read anybody their rights.” Well there’s a reason for that you cheetah faced fuckwit. Hussein didn’t give a crap one about anyone’s rights.

This is not the first time Trump has praised dictators, Hussein has received numerous accolades from the current Fascist candidate for president, as has Libya’s former strongman Gadhafi.

What Trump has to ignore to make these statements is that Saddam Hussein’s methods did not only target what we today think of as terrorists, but that Hussein declared anyone who resisted him, a terrorist.  Something that I would not put past the presumptive GOP nominee who has a pattern of insulting and belittling anyone who speaks out against him.

For instance:  http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2016/01/28/upshot/donald-trump-twitter-insults.html?_r=0

and additionally, a TEN HOUR video of Trump insulting people.


During the 1988 “Blessed Ramadan Offensive” Saddam Hussein became the perpetrator of the largest use of chemical weapons in modern history – NOT against a military target, but against Iraqi CIVILIANS. Using attacks against Iranian military units as cover to take control of his own country again, Hussein ordered the attack, with SARIN NERVE GAS of a separatist Kurdish village – Halabja, northeast of Baghdad. The attacks killed 5,000 and severely injured over 7,000 more.

THESE are some of the terrorists that Hussein didn’t read their rights to – and the actions which the FASCIST TRUMP admires.

These are CHILDREN murdered by the man Trump admires for his tactics.

The US generally, and the Reagan administration in particular is culpable in these attacks as the CIA provided the satellite imagery and electronic intelligence “targeting packages”which enabledthe Iraqi Air Force to destroy their targets.

Electing a piece of crap like Trump would mean that the United States has surrendered. That we have accepted that tactics such as Hussein’s are appropriate, and justified.

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