I could have sworn that I published this a while back , but I guess not.  So here it is:

DAESH is not Islamic.

Anyone who tracks me knows that I’ve said that for a while now, and that every single major Islamic leader and a whole host of Islamic scholars have said the same thing.




( in fact, the Iranian Imams alone have issued 50,000 fatwas against DAESH)


But I’m developing a further theory based on some of my research on the Cartels of Mexico and Columbia and some very incidental research on Pol Pot.

Many of the Cartels claim to be Catholic (and the Pope and many of the Mex/S.A. Bishops say otherwise), and as such they have actually created their own version of Catholicism (Just as the say the Branch Davidians and the people of Jonestown created their own version of Christianity) with a mortal man, a charismatic leader at its center.

La Familia Michoacana, one of the most dangerous Mexican cartels went so far as to write its own Bible. The Cartel Bible, was written by its spiritual leader Nazario Moreno, alias “El Mas Loco” or “The Maddest One”. A copy of this bible seized by federal agents reveals an ideology that mixes evangelical-style self help with insurgent peasant slogans (I’m trying to find a copy now). They even have their own saints, Sant De La Muerta (Lady Death – with a huge following among the cartels – she even has temples here in the U.S.) and Jesus Malverde (a kind of Mexican Robin Hood that people worship).

Moreno, David Koresh, Jim Jones, and even people like Pol Pot are a special class of people who practice Auto-theism – that is, they think they themselves are God (or some incarnation of God, or have some special relationship with God/Heaven/whatever that places their wisdom above all other mortals).

I firmly believe that Baghdadi is the same. Baghdadi is not a Muslim because he doesn’t honestly worship Allah and he doesn’t follow the Koran as he changes rules as he sees fit. These are basic indications that he believes that he has some special dispensation.

Baghdadi believes that Baghdadi is Allah. He is an Auto-theist, just like the other psychotics shown above. In fact many of the things that DAESH does, that Baghdadi allows follows along a pattern parallel to those of La Familia Michoacana and Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge

I can cite MANY examples of this starting with the use of fire as a means of punishment – a behavior that is absolutely forbidden in Islam and is reserved for GOD – which further supports my theory.

(WARNING – these videos can be graphic)




The fact that their PRIMARY targets are Muslims who don’t bow down to…not Allah, but Baghdadi as Allah. The fact that they are compelling both Muslims and Non-Muslims to worship as they do (i.e. to bow to Baghdadi) further supports the auto-theist theory.

They ignore another very basic command in the Quran; “Let there be no compulsion in religion” [2:256] and the fact that Quran says NUMEROUS times that only ALLAH can bring people to ALLAH. [5:48, 6:108, 10:99]

This is all very preliminary and there is a considerable amount of research left to do. But we should stop calling DAESH Islamic, they are not. We shouldn’t even call them Takirists as I suggested in a previous post, as they don’t fit that definition either. They are a terrorist death cult. That is all. No more Christian than the LRA, no more Buddhist than Soka Gakkai, no more Hindu than Bajrang Dal. They are NOT Islamic in any sense except the trappings.

Additionally, we should also stop calling them a State, they are NOT – or if we insist on calling them a State, recognize them, and declare unlimited war on them as we did with Germany and Japan in WWII. Not this half-assed police action horseshit we’ve practiced since.

DAESH is a cult and a cartel that drapes itself in the guise of Islam merely because Islam is the predominant religion in the region – it would do no good for an Iraqi like al-Baghdadi to try to recruit Christians (which represent LESS than 1% of the population) in Iraq now, would it it? There are plenty of examples of the same in this neck of the woods that drape themselves in the guise of Christianity, and plenty in places like India that do the same with Hinduism, in China and Japan with Buddhism, etc.

DAESH is not Muslim, they are a cult worshiping their charismatic leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, who thinks he is God.