I object vociferously to the classification of the Orlando shooter as a terrorist of any stripe.  It’s becoming clear that he was no such thing, and classifying him as such serves no good purpose.

The shooter, who, once again, I will not name here, was clearly an unhinged, violent, angry individual.  Probably a homosexual himself who felt so much self-hatred that the only way he could cleanse himself was to murder as many fellow homosexuals as possible.  As far as investigators can tell, and yes, it is early on in the investigation, he had no goals beyond those that are personal.  That makes him a common – if completely mad – criminal.

To call him a terrorist glorifies his actions, both in the minds of real terrorists, and in the minds of those who spread hate for both the Muslim and Gay communities.  It gives both these reprehensible populations – with people like Donald Trump, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Roger Jimenez from Verity Baptist Church, and their ilk ammunition to use against innocent people.  Ammunition to further spread their hate. Ammunition for those seeking public support to hypocritically claim to support the LGBT community, Januses speaking with forked tongues that have marginalized and demonized both homosexuals and Muslims now for years, decades even. Do not play into their hands by giving them this ammunition.

Agreeing to call the shooter a terrorist also justifies the shoddy reporting that is being performed by the main stream media which reports repeatedly that the shooter pledged his allegiance to DAESH.  While true, he also pledged his allegiance to other, disparate terror organizations, most of which are at odds with DAESH.  He was no terrorist. He merely used that cloak to garner greater attention for himself. And it has succeeded.

Was the shooter an extremist? YES.  Was he a perpetrator of a hate crime? YES. Was he a homophobe? YES.  Was he a homosexual. YES.  Was he a terrorist?  NO. He was an unhinged, self-hating homophobic homosexual who felt an unrelenting desire to kill what he in himself hated.