Trump is violent. From encouraging the punching of protesters at rallies, to encouraging police to brutalize them, to calls for torture, and his flippant attitude towards nuclear war, Trump continuously proves how he values violence as a means of proving you are right and silencing other people.

Trump believes global warming is a media conspiracy made up by the Chinese, despite overwhelming scientific evidence and consensus it is man made.

Trump is lascivious and chauvinistic. He has made multiple sexual comments about his daughter. He has bragged about his infidelities. He implies that a woman’s menstrual cycle makes her incapable of professionalism and that sexual prowess and attractiveness is directly linked to professional ability. That he has good relationships with some women, does not disprove this – being a chauvinist doesn’t mean you aren’t able to play nice and take what he can from a person.

Trump is racist against black people. Trump has been sued multiple times by the state of New York for refusing to rent to black people. On his twitter he made a post comprised of COMPLETELY fabricated data on the rate at which black people commit murder coupled with a picture of a black person dressed menacingly. Part of his platform is to stir up racial hatred against black people. He also hesitated to denounce white supremacy and the KKK and when he did so, he made it clear that he was very dispassionate about doing so. White supremacists, racists, and KKK members all recognize this and champion him for it.

Trump is endorsed by every major white supremacist organization in the country and the American NAZI Party. Rocky Suhayda, leader of the ANP wrote: “We have a wonderful OPPORTUNITY here folks, that may never come again, at the RIGHT time,” he wrote. “Donald Trump’s campaign statements, if nothing else, have SHOWN that ‘our views’ are NOT so ‘unpopular’ as the Political Correctness crowd have told everyone they are!”  Suhayda also calls Trump’s most ludicrous statements “obvious truths.”  Maybe obvious if you’re a Nazi.

Trump is an isolationist. So far, he has laid out specific plans for how to completely alienate and destroy any chance of working diplomatically with Mexico, China, Japan, the UK, and all Arab nations. This is your great unifier?

Trump is Islamaphobic. Yes, I know, you like that because you are too. But a president holding those views and acting on them, by unilaterally banning Muslims from the country (except for his rich friends, as he stated) he destroys any chance of cooperation, diplomacy, or civility with any Arab or Islamic nation. In addition, it fuels recruitment for Jihadism because it proves right the narrative that there is a war between the East and West, and so everyday people can be swayed more easily into becoming terrorists.

Trump is anti-Semitic. He has said that he only allows Jews to do his books, which is encouragement of a stereotype, and has said seriously without jest to a room full of Jewish leaders that they won’t like him because they can’t control him with money. He has no qualms with re-tweeting tweets made by Klan members and anti-Semites. It’s hard to imagine an anti-Semite having any sort of positive relationship with America’s ally, Israel.

Trump is exclusively interested in his own finances and status. As was admitted by one of his ex top campaign managers, he only entered the race at all in order to raise his business. He has even kicked an old lady out of her home in order to pursue his own development. He is not “uh-beholden to anyone” he is beholden to his own far reaching financial and business interests and relationships.

Trump characterizes undocumented immigrants as rapists and criminals, despite the fact that the crime rate of this demographic is roughly half that of natural citizens. He implies that Mexico “sends” these people over, as if they received a letter in the mail reading “time to invade America, signed Mexico.”

Trump has no sympathy for or desire to help needy people. He has never discussed poverty, let alone childhood poverty and disproportionate rates of poverty in communities of color. He feigns to be a philanthropist, but is actually THE least charitable billionaire on Earth.

Trump flouts common decency. Constant childish insults, bullying, and insistence of “they started it,” are behaviors unbecoming of the office of President. He is not even above mocking a person’s physical disabilities.

Trump lies far more often than he tells the truth, as can be demonstrated by any fact checking source. And not in terms of breaking promises or over speculating, but he lies about quantifiable, recorded, known and accepted facts. Despite this, he claims to be exceedingly truthful, his greatest lie.

Trump is a hypocrite who has outsourced labor for his own products, and his children have as well.

Trump University is under investigation for fraud, making clear how Trump treats promises he makes and how he rewards people who put faith in him.

Trump’s father was such an awful landlord and developer that Woody Guthrie’s, author of “This Land is Your Land,” champion of unions and the working class, and historical hero, wrote a song about how terrible he was. His father is also suspected of attacking a police officer in defense of the KKK.

Trump is NOT a good businessman.  GOOD businessmen don’t just throw things at the wall and hope they stick. In fact, if it weren’t for his inheritance and his father’s credit rating (Yes, his FATHER’S credit rating, not his own), Trump would likely be a nobody.

Trump appeals to the most basic, animalistic, selfish, cruel, and illogical parts of the American psyche. He entices the electorate with promises that everything is someone else’s fault and that he will destroy that group, when in reality it is our own systems that need to be examined and updated. Giving him power would almost certainly invoke a World War, likely a nuclear one, and even if that didn’t happen, America would have 0 standing or clout with any nation by the time he is finished. As for at home, he will curtail free speech and encourage racist violence while further damaging the economy.