2 years into Trump’s presidency, the US is at war with the newly reconstituted USSR because Trump and Putin are both nationalists. Due to an incident in the Syrian theater, Trump has started a shooting match with Putin in the Middle East.

One day, when things are going badly, adopting Nikita Khrushchev’s position that a first strike will take out the majority of U.S. forces and that the Russian Empire will survive any late attacks by the USA, and that U.S. Allies will be loathe to engage in an all out nuclear exchange, Czar Putin I orders his nuclear forces to strike first.

12-18 minutes after the order is given 200 nuclear warheads, from 56 Russian SLBMs (these are real numbers by the way – and represent 1/3rd of Russian naval nuclear forces), some yielding up to 1.5 megatons, other are low yield penetrators targeted at places like NORAD, detonate over American targets, military bases, strategic centers, and cities.

Concurrently, though minutes later, the meager Chinese SLBM forces engage. Only three of the five Jin class SSBNs are in position to strike US soil directly, but one is within range of Japan and another in range of Diego Garcia. They strike accordingly with JL-2. Smaller, and less accurate, the 150kt warheads detonate over American targets, destroying the airfield at Diego Garcia, as well as sinking the forward deployed ships anchored at the Archipelago. Japan is hit with up to 40, 90kt MIRVs with The Naval Base at Yokosuka hit by multiple 1mt warheads, destroying the bulk of the US 7th Fleet including the USS Ronald Reagan in port between deployments.

The mainland US suffers 60% casualties, 190+ MILLION dead in the first minutes, another 90+ Million critically injured by nuclear effects including radiation poisoning… 80-90% of those victims will die in the following weeks.

Putin is right about one thing, the Trump administration has in the past two years isolated itself from the US’s traditional allies. France, Germany, and Spain have withdrawn from NATO over Trump’s bellicose behavior. Great Britain, while not officially distancing itself, has demanded the removal of US Nuclear bombers from UK soil over insults by the leader of the newly Fascist United States. Mexico has withdrawn its diplomats and Canada has severely restricted cross-border relationships. Only Japan and S. Korea, dependent upon the U.S. for defense remain as allies, and even they are reluctant, rightly so.

Meanwhile, China and Russia have both ordered Kim Jong-Un to retake and unify the Korean peninsula and after two low yield nuclear weapons, transported by a Korean ROMEO class submarine, detonate inside Incheon Harbor, another submarine detonates another inside the harbor at Kunsan. The attack is coordinated with N.Korean ground forces, which pour over the border supported by the Army of the PRC.

US forces are crippled, Washington is destroyed. Palin, Trump’s VP is no where to be found.

35-40 minutes later, the 2nd strike of Russian and Chinese ICBMs detonate over US Soil.

YOU are not warned. YOU are aware of this when you see the first bomb go off. If you are here, you will see ten to twelve detonations – that is the ship channel being destroyed by Russian SLBMs – no multi-megaton nukes for Houston, we don’t have the military forces that would justify those. These are 150 KT MIRVs the first detonated between Galveston and Boliva Penisula, the rest work their way up the ship channel starting in Seabrook and ending in Highlands, Texas (less than 20 miles away as the crow flies). But the real concern is Bush Intercontinental Airport… the end of the big runway is about 3 miles from the house.

Bush, does rate a military grade bomb. Russia drops Bulava warheads from an SS-NX-30 SLBM launched from a Borey (or Borei)-class SSBN on patrol in the Gulf of Mexico. The missile carries six MIRVs yeilding 550kt a piece.

The first bomb detonates 1000 feet at the center of the airport, the fireball reaches Hwy 59, but you never see it because the second MIRV detonates at 250 feet over the east end of Runway 27.

As the fireball engulfs your children… you don’t’ even have time to cry out. You MIGHT live long enough to watch their flesh flesh boil away to nothing as Third degree burns extend throughout the layers of skin. They’re not in pain, and neither are you, as the explosion has destroyed the pain nerves in the split second before you, your wife, and your children vaporize.

123,000 die instantly from THIS attack alone. 630,000 are injured, most won’t survive.

THIS is exactly how UNFUNNY I find any mention of Donald THE NAZI Trump becoming president or even having ANY SUPPORT whatsoever from any REAL, PATRIOTIC American.