Registered Sex Offenders around the country are barred from certain places and activities. For instance, they cannot generally be in places where children congregate. They are banned in public parks in some jurisdictions. They are banned on beaches in some states. They are banned in swimming pools, school bus stops, “child safety zones,” libraries, so forth and so on. In Texas certain sex offenders are even restricted in what sort of jobs they may obtain (bus driver, amusement ride operator, taxi cab operator, any unsupervised service in a residence, etc.)

However, I have yet to find a single instance where REGISTERED SEX OFFENDERS are barred from using a public restroom. Not one. I may have missed something. Either way, a detailed search of the Texas Criminal Code, and the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure yielded no results.

Without such a law being, not just on the books, but widespread, the entire argument for the transphobic bathroom laws being pushed by neo-cons, that they are for public safety, falls utterly flat on its face. After all, if these paragons of public decency do not feel the need to protect our children and our women-folk from actual REGISTERED SEX OFFENDERS, why do they feel the need to protect from weakly theoretical sex offenders – because they find transgenderism icky?

The simple fact of the matter is that more REPUBLICAN Neo-Cons have sexually assaulted people than transgendered people have….and now they defend their pedos.