The 2016 military budget is ~$601,000,000,000.00.  That’s more than the next SEVEN countries combined.

Let’s cut it by 5%. That will give us $570,950,000,000.00 for the military.  We can do this by killing off failed programs like the JSF, the LCS (Killing off the JSF alone will save $500,000,000,000 over ten years, RIGHT NOW).

That will give the country $30,500,000,000.00 to “resdistribute” to needed programs.

So what could we do?  Well to start:

We could simply refund the American taxpayer at an average of about $173.00 per tax payer. Eh, that’s nice. I’m sure some people need it too.

OR – we could invest in the country.

Something like School Lunch for all of the ~51,000,000 children in school, both public and private.  Of course, that’s only $26,254,800,000.00.  That leaves another $4.245 bn… hey, I know, we can use that to IMPROVE the quality of the school lunches…so that they’re actually nutritious.

We could build 3 new space shuttles and get out of Russia’s pocket on manned space travel?  OR, we could just build 2 and have the money left over for 22 missions (average of $450m per mission according to NASA.  BTW. Atlantis flew 33 missions in her lifespan).

We could repave 24,400 miles of our roads.  To put that in perspective, that’s every single road and highway in Houston, Texas repaved…1.52 times.  EVERY.SINGLE. ROAD.

We could fund full tuition scholarships to state universities for 3,241,232 students.
Make a trade school option, and even more students can get the skills needed to live.

Provide 50,833,333 Finnish style maternity kits. More if you go with the less expensive model. (NOTE: There are on average only about 4,000,000 babies born in the US each year…so you people need to get busy).

We could spend a big portion of that money into a special investigative service to search for and PROSECUTE those responsible for the up to $172,000,000,000 per year of waste, fraud, and abuse that comes JUST from military spending.  The FBI’s budget for 2016 is about that, the DEA’s slightly less…. The agency could even be self-funding as it finds and punishes those who are ripping off the country. Gosh, gotta wonder why our so-called representatives in D.C. haven’t thought of this one…… (BTW… if you’re not bitching about this …you need to shut the fuck up about the pittance that is paid to Welfare).

That’s just a few things we could do with 5% of a very, VERY bloated military budget.