If you think radical Islam represents any significant portion of the Muslim population on the planet, then you are willfully ignorant.

There have been 140,000 terror attacks committed worldwide since 1970. Even if Muslims carried out all of these attacks, those terrorists would represent less than 0.00009 percent of all Muslims.

You are LITERALLY 800 times more likely to die in a bicycle accident than you are to be killed by a terrorist of any sort. 950 times more likely to die in a furniture related accident.

Before San Bernadino, you were …and I’m not making this up, 200 times more likely to be shot by your own child with your own gun (5 deaths and 3 injuries last year of adults, by TODDLERS – children under 5 – with guns), than by a terrorist in the United States. And if you count the number of Toddlers who killed themselves with guns (which takes the number of deaths and injuries up to 21), then Toddlers are MORE dangerous than terrorists (I always knew that the little petri dishes were a problem).

You are …and this is also a real number 3500 times more likely to drown in your own bathtub. Even counting San Bernidino, DOGS were nearly twice as dangerous as terrorists in 2015 (34 reported fatalities – thanks Cujo!). You’re not afraid of a dog are you? HELL, DEER Killed 130 people in 2015 – making them 680% more dangerous than a terrorist. Do we have a significant threat from Deer? Well, I do what I can come open season, but I make no promises.

Ya know, no one’s saying to not be cognizant of the issues. But this idea that we face a significant threat from radical Islam in the United States, a country where there were between 294-355 (depending on who you ask) mass shootings last year that were NOT Islamic Extremists, resulting in 380+ deaths (i.e. 2000% more casualties) is just ludicrous.

For fuck’s sake, I’ve had to deal with three water moccasins in my pond this year, that’s three more poisonous snakes in the past month than terrorists I’ve had to deal with in 48 years.

It’s fear mongering for the ignorant. OHH, scary Muslims….. ohhhhh…. Whatever….