I was just looking at post on Facebook where a comely young lass was posing with and AR-15. An AR-15 that looks something like this –


I don’t like it.  There are a number of reasons I don’t like it.  One of the biggies is that this blurs the line between actual firearm and a training firearm.

For example:

There is a company out there called Simunition that creates training firearms.  Their training firearms are nearly the exact same blue as the functioning AR-15 above.

Simunition Training Kit
Simunition Training Kit

Note the blue fore-stock, barrel and bolt assembly.  These are fully function, low power, training firearms designed to be used with a special type of ammuntion to simulate actually firing the weapon.  It’s similar to paintball, with a real gun.

Another company called Bluegun, makes solid plastic training firearms.

Blue Gun
Blue Gun, Training Firearm

On top of that, and I recognize that maybe, maybe I’m just an old curmudgeon, but I think a firearm should look like a firearm  and a toy should look like a toy and there should be a huge Chinese wall between the two.  That little orange tip on an airsoft rifle…gosh, that’s not a defeatable “safety” feature at all is it?


I just don’t approve, I’m sorry.  I think it is highly irresponsible to blur the lines between a firearm, a training firearm and a toy.

And O.K., not pink, but blue.  But there are plenty of pink guns out there too and I really have the same issues with them.