So, after much research online, I traded the Ruger LCP for a Sig P238.  I liked the Ruger as a pocket gun but honestly that was the only thing I liked about the Ruger.  It wasn’t very accurate out past 10 yards even with the frame mounted laser and it kicked like a mule (owing to its very small size).

The Sig is basically a copy of the Colt Mustang, a weapon I’m not really familiar with, but when you look at side by side pictures you kinda go; “yep, that’s the same gun.”  Both are basically 1/3rd sized 1911 frames.

Rumor has it that Colt has re-released the Mustang based on the P238’s success.  I’ve seen one USED Mustang for sale online for $899.00 (!!!)  Really???  REALLY???

The Sig is a bit larger than the LCP, too large to really be a pocket gun.  But I carried it yesterday and it was very easy to carry in an inside the waistband configuration.

Due to its larger size the weapon fits my hand much better than the LCP. That was definitely a selling point for me.

The magazines are easy to load, though not as easy as my Walther PK380 which has the smoothest and easiest loading magazines out there.  This is nice because after a long day at the range you’re less likely to go home with Magazine Finger.

The night sights come up and get on target quickly. I’m looking forward to giving them a go today.

The fit and finish is much better than the LCP’s.  And I like the Rosewood grips on the model I picked.

My only complaints thus far are

  1. I bought the Sig with the tactical laser, (which mounts to the underside of the barrel) but the holster that came with the kit is a molded plastic holder that is fitted for the pistol only and doesn’t work with the laser mounted. That means that I have put out more money for a holster that fits both, if I can find one (the universal holster I have now does not!).
  2. The plastic holster is kinda useless anyway.  For one thing it rides way too high on a belt.  With the weapon in, even with my wide belt, it flops over and the firearm is fairly obvious under a shirt (which IS an issue in Texas!).  The only way that I could use that holster is if I reversed it, mounted it at 2 o’clock on my belt, inside the waistband in a cross-draw configuration with my off hand…NOT ideal.  I’d rather Sig given me another magazine (with the extension) than this holster.  I’m hoping I can find a Bianchi holster, but we’ll see.
  3. The laser is a Crimson Trace model, which I like, but as tactical lasers go, these under barrel over trigger guard mounts are less desirable to me than the grip mounted lasers such as those I have on my Kimber Crimson Ultra-Carry II.  However, I will say that Crimson Trace makes the best grip mounted laser sighting system I’ve ever used, we’ll see about this barrel mounted model.
  4. Sig only ships with a single standard magazine and I wound up buying two more with the “pinky extender” at $45.00 a pop.
  5. Sig, unlike Kimber (and Colt, Paraordinance, etc) doesn’t seem to sell the pinky extender separately so that I can convert my standard magazine, which means that I will need to buy at least one more “pinky extender” magazine to get to my 3 minimum.
  6. It’s single action.  Which is o.k, but I distinctly prefer double action with a half-cock.  I may be old school about that, but that’s what I like.

So I guess that’s it for now.  I’ll post pictures and a post-range review later when I get back from the range.  Ya’ll have fun.